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Moving to Colorado

About Colorado

Colorado has a population of more than 5 680 000 residents and is located in the Western US. Colorado is the 21st most populous and the eighth most extensive state. For more than 13000 years, this region was inhabited by Native Americans, while the eastern part of the Rocky Mountains was one of the biggest migration routes for early folks who spread throughout the US. Nebraska borders Colorado to the northeast, Wyoming to the north, Kansas to the east, New Mexico to the south, Arizona to the southwest, and Oklahoma to the southeast.

The state's capital is Denver, and the most populous city in the state. Residents here are known as Coloradans. Colorado joined as the 38th state that joined the states in 1876. Also, it has the highest average elevation of any US state.



All data gathered below are listed according to the research conducted by DataUSA in 2019.

In 2019, the state of Colorado had a population of around 5 760 000 residents with a median age of 37 and a median household income of more than $77 000. In the time frame between 2018 and 2019, the population of Colorado grew from 5.96 m to 5.71 m which is a 1.12% increase. The median household income grew from $71 950 to $77 120, representing a 7.19% increase. The largest ethnic groups in Colorado include White Non-Hispanic (67.5%), White Hispanic (16%), Black or African American (4%), Hispanic (3.5%), and Asian (3.20%). More than 95% of Colorado's residents are US citizens, while almost 17% of the households in the state use a non-English language at home.

Colorado's largest and most popular universities include the University of Colorado Boulder, Front Range Community College, and Colorado State University-Fort Collins. In 2019, the median property value here was $395 000, while the homeownership rate was %66. Most people here drive alone at work, and the average commuting time is 24 minutes.

Some of the

Benefits of Moving to Colorado


The Outdoors

One of the main reasons you should consider moving to Colorado is that there are numerous outdoor activities to enjoy, including recreation, professional sports, and various adventures. In the winter, residents of Colorado can enjoy lots of snow and ski slopes, and it is widely known for scenic skiing and snowboarding destinations. If you prefer summers, we're happy to inform you that Colorado's residents can enjoy whitewater rafting, fly fishing, and kayaking alongside horseback riding, camping, and hiking. If you want to move away from the big-city fuss and loads of concrete, moving to Colorado might be a good idea, especially for sports lovers and nature enthusiasts.


Beer Lovers

If you are a beer fan and enjoy drinking one of the world's most loved drinks with your friends, Colorado is famous for having more than 400 established breweries and takes fourth place when talking about breweries per capita in the US. Also, Colorado throws numerous beer festivals throughout the year, the most popular being the Colorado Brewer's Festival and the Great American Beer Festival.


The Cities

In Colorado, there are fantastic cities to visit. And not only visit, Colorado's cities are also great relocation options because of their diversity. What does this mean? Whether you're looking for an urban or a rural area, Colorado has plenty of cities that will fit your needs and the lifestyle you want to lead. This is a big benefit compared to places like New York, where there isn't much space for changing the surroundings. Wherever you go, New York follows. However, Colorado boasts a different lifestyle full of adventures, surprises, magnificent nature, an abundance of parks, and job opportunities. And we mustn't forget about the numerous museums and galleries you can visit alongside a very vibrant nightlife which we understand is very important for younger folks.



In recent years, the legalization of marijuana has been a very popular subject. It has raised a lot of fuss, especially since the plant's prohibition was only a century ago. However, Colorado was the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, and weed lovers will have a good time if they decide to move here.



If you are moving here in search of a job and want to start a family, we are happy to inform you that Colorado has one of the strongest economies in the country. The state frequently ranks very high on different subjects regarding economic development. Colorado is ranked third for the healthiest economy, ninth for economic activity, and eighth for innovation potential.

Cost of Moving From NYC to Colorado

Knowing the final cost of the move is essential if you want to make sure everything goes in the best possible manner. However, this is not a definite number meaning that you should take into consideration that your budget needs to be flexible. Nevertheless, we looked into the actual cost.

So, how much would it cost to move from NYC to Colorado? The average cost ranges from $2000 to $5270. Again, you need to consider a couple of factors, including the number of your belongings, the moving distance, etc.

Cost of Living in Colorado

To be honest, Colorado is quite an expensive state which may come as a surprise. If you are single and plan on living alone, the overall cost is around $2000. However, if you plan on moving here with your family, be prepared to spend about $4700 each month. Now, we'll break all of these expenses into smaller categories in order for you to get a clear picture of the prices in Colorado.

Category Average Annual Cost

  • Housing and Utilities $9900
  • Healthcare $6500
  • Food and Beverages $3980
  • Gas and Energy $750
  • Other Personal Costs $25400
  • Tax Rate - Flat Tax Rate $4.40%

1. Housing Costs

The average-sized home in Colorado will cost you around $523000. We know it's a big number, but that's how things are here.

  • Median Studio Rent $1740
  • Median Monthly Mortgage $1060
  • Median One-Bedroom $1190
  • Median Two-Bedroom $1390
  • Median Three-Bedroom $1566
  • Median Gross Rent $1370

Utility Average Bill

  • Electricity $130
  • Gas $90
  • Cable and Internet $110
  • Water $40

A single person's average healthcare cost per year will cost you about $6500. However, this is an average number depending on the healthcare packet and your exact location.

The next thing we need to discuss is the price of groceries and food since it's one of the essential costs. So, how much do groceries and food cost in Colorado?

The average annual cost for food (non-restaurant) is around $3970 or $330 a month. However, if you choose to dine at restaurants, the monthly cost for a four-member family is about $1300.

Best Cities in Colorado

Fort Collins, with a population of about 166000 residents, is first on our list of the best cities to live in Colorado. Located in Larimer County, Fort Collins has a dense suburban feel while most residents own their homes. In addition, there are numerous restaurants, pubs, and parks, making it great for all ages and social groups.

Fort Collins Colorado

Boulder has a population of around 100000 residents and was often ranked as the very first metro area when it comes to the Best Places to Live in the US. It's also one of the happiest cities in the country, so you won't make a mistake if you decide to move here.

Boulder Colorado

Moving on to Colorado Springs, which has a population of about 470000 residents. The weather is very mild, so you won't have to deal with extremely hot summers and excruciating winters. If mild weather and living in a big city are your priorities, Colorado Springs is the perfect place for you.

Downtown Colorado Springs

Denver has a population of more than 700000 residents and has an amazing economy. Wages are above average and constantly growing. In other words, Denver offers a wide range of employment opportunities.

Denver Colorado
Colorado landscape

Fun Facts

The mountain area of Colorado is more than six times the average size of Switzerland and contains about 9600 miles of fishing streams, over 1000 peaks higher than 2 miles, and 2850 lakes. The state contains more than 70 % of the land area of the US with an altitude higher than 10000 feet. The well-known Colorado trail refers to a 500-mile long (hiking) trail spreading from Durango to Denver, crossing more than eight mountain ranges, six wilderness areas, seven national forests, and five river systems. The US Air Force Academy is located in Colorado Springs.

Colorado's nickname is the "Centennial State." The capital of Colorado, Denver, has the largest city park system in the country with more than 200 parks within city limits and 20000 acres of parks in the mountains. Colorado is widely known for its beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and various activities, including hiking, biking, skiing, canoeing, etc. You can find an abundance of mountains, forests, sand dunes, hot springs, and mesas. Since we're already talking about Denver, did you know that Denver has one of the country's most, if not the most, walkable downtowns and offers more than 300 days of sunshine every year?