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About Missouri

People often perceive Missouri as a small state, and when we say small, we're actually referring to its population. However, Missouri has more than six million residents, making it the 12th most populated state in the US. When it comes to the land area, Missouri is 21st.Now, not many New Yorkers think about moving to Missouri, especially since it's not among the most popular relocation options.

Eight states border Missouri, but we'll mention a couple for you to get a clear picture of who your neighbors would be if you decide to move here. So, Missouri is bordered by Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska to the west, Iowa to the north, Arkansas to the south, and Kentucky, Tennessee, and Illinois to the east. By going south, you'll have the opportunity to visit the Ozarks, which is a forested highland. It's known that Missouri has miraculous nature and represents a perfect getaway from the big city fuss. However, if you aren't sure whether moving here is the right kind of decision, check out the following text below.



All data gathered below are listed according to the research conducted by DataUSA in 2019.

As we mentioned earlier, Missouri has a population of more than six million residents. The median age is 38.7, while the median household income is $57 290. The largest universities here are the University of Missouri, located in Columbia, Washington University in St. Louis, and Missouri University in Springfield. In the period between 2019 and 2020, the population in Missouri grew from 6 million to 6.12 million. The four largest ethnic groups here are:

  • White Non-Hispanic (about 78 percent).
  • Black or African Non-Hispanic (about 11 percent).
  • White (about 3 percent).
  • Asian (about 2 percent).
Some of the

Benefits of Moving to Missouri



Did you know that the cost of living is 14 times lower than the national average? When compared to other neighboring states, it's the cheapest. The median home price is about $197000. This includes all costs of living, including utilities, groceries, electricity, healthcare, transportation, and housing.



Another big advantage of moving here is excellent healthcare. The healthcare here is very affordable and very convenient. In addition, more than five hospitals here are highly-rated.


Four Seasons

Missouri has a central location and a reliable humid continental climate. The state is known for hot summers and harsh winters, with four distinct seasons and severe fluctuations in temperature.


A Booming Job Market

In addition, Missouri has a strong job market which isn't characteristic of every state in the region.

Cost of Moving From NYC to Missouri

The cost of moving from NYC to Missouri isn't definite, meaning that a couple of factors need to be taken into consideration. However, we claim that the average cost of moving from NYC to Missouri ranges from $330 to $4600. Remember to explore all available options before making the final decision.

Cost of Living in Missouri

The average cost of living in Missouri is around $1600, which is far below the national average. Actually, Missouri has the 7th lowest cost of living meaning that if affordability is important for you, this state is ideal.

Category Average Annual Cost

  • Housing and Utilities $160
  • Healthcare $530
  • Food and Beverages $3000
  • Gas and Energy $300
  • Tax Rate - Graduated-Rate 4.95%

1. Housing Costs

The average-sized home in Missouri will cost you around $147 800. We know it's a big number, but that's how things are here.

  • Median Studio Rent $637
  • Median One-Bedroom $696
  • Median Two-Bedroom $871
  • Median Three-Bedroom $1153

Utility Average Bill

  • Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage $178
  • Internet $64

A single person's average healthcare cost per year will cost you about $5380. However, this is an average number depending on the healthcare packet and your exact location.

The next thing we need to discuss is the price of groceries and food since it's one of the essential costs. So, how much do groceries and food cost in Missouri?

The average annual cost for food (non-restaurant) for a family of four is around $9104.

Best Cities in Missouri

Chesterfield has a population of about 50000 residents and is located in St. Louis County. Living here offers its residents a dense suburban feel. Most residents here own their homes, and public transportation, healthcare, and public schools are highly rated.

Chesterfield Missouri

Ballwin, with a population of 30000 residents, is located in St. Louis County. Everything about the city is pretty average, meaning that you'll have no trouble fitting it. As one of Missouri's safest cities, it is a great place to raise a family.

Ballwin Missouri

St. Louis has a population of more than 300000 residents and is one of the biggest cities on our list. It has numerous accolades, and it's a pretty safe city. In fact, St. Louis received an A+ grade on AreaVibes.

St Louis Missouri

Kirkwood has a population of more than 27000 residents. It is one of the best places in the state, and most residents here own their homes. There are numerous coffee shops, restaurants, and parks.

Kirkwood Missouri
Canoes Branson Missouri

Fun Facts

Branson, located in Missouri, is famous for various country music shows. Missouri has a population of more than six million residents.

What does the word "Missouri" mean? It is derived from an Indian tribe, Sioux, and means people with wooden canoes. Missouri was the 24th state to join the Union in 1821. If you want to celebrate Missouri day, we're happy to inform you that the date of the celebration is the third Wednesday in October. Missouri is famous for agriculture, barbecue, and various historical landmarks. In addition, Missouri is ideal for biking, hiking, and camping.